Locally Sourced Material

All Tarrant Guitars are custom made from scratch using only the best materials available. All solid tonewood is used instead of vaneers like in most lower range factory guitars, this means your guitar's sound will improve with age, as it opens up. Timber Bindings are used instead of plastic, as well as bone for the nut and saddle. Nitrocellulose lacquer is used for the finish in either high gloss or satin.

The most common styles of 6, 8 and 12 string shapes that Tarrant Guitars offer are:

Jumbo (similar to Gibson J 200)
Orchestral Model ( similar to Martin O.M)
L-00 ( similar to Gibson L-00)
000 (similar to Martin 000)
3/4 small body (similar to Mini Martin)


Can't see the body shape that you are after? More body shape options are available upon request.

You have the choice of tonewood used on the following:

Back and sides
Fretboard and bridge
Head stock overlay
Bindings and perflings

Collage Handcrafted

Added options Inlcude:

Laskin style Arm Bevel
Rib bevel
Sound ports
Bound Fretboard
Custom inlay work
Slot head

There are also many pickup / preamp options to choose from dependent on what the instrument is, and what its going to be plugged into. K & K, Schatten and Fishman are most commonly used in  Tarrant Guitars.  It is encouraged for the customer to have input before and during the building process as there "dream" guitar is turning into reality.


Feeling overwelmed by choice? Billy is happy to offer advice and recommendations as to what is suitable to your needs.


When not custom making to a specific client, Billy takes full creative control and builds guitars to his own specifications, desires, functions and these are the instruments that are currently for sale in shops and on the website
Owning one of these instruments means you truly have a guitar for a lifetime. Every guitar is unique. Whether it be the combinations of timber, combined with size, bracing etc.. There are so many different elements that make up each guitar, you really have the "only one like it".
There is nothing "Factory" about what Tarrant Guitars is. Each instrument is built one at a time, taking between approximately 130 to 180 hours.